About the header

Oocyte membrane:
The header is an electron micrograph of a chicken oocyte membrane.  The layers (left to right) consist of yolk granules, the internal and external  perivitelline layers followed by albumen.  More Info...

More Info:

Gallimed Sciences, Inc.
3500 East College Ave
Suite 1000
State College, PA  16801


ill titleAbout Gallimed Sciences

Gallimed is a Pennsylvania Sub-S corporation with two shareholders. There are no employees at the current time. All expenses to-date have been related to the capitalization and organization of the corporation.

We intend to license any and all patents, inventions and execute product development through the corporate entity.

The corporate personnel for Gallimed Sciences, Inc. are:


ill titleAbout the photo in the Header

Oocyte membranes were dissected and prepared for electron microscopy by Ms. R. Katani, while GFB was on faculty at Penn State.  Ms. Katani executed the microscopy, with the resulting images assembled using Adobe Photoshop.  Further editing, by GFB, was performed with GIMP under Mandriva Linux 2010.